OONI Probe users in Nicaragua have collected 23,541 measurements from 18 local networks.

Explore the data below to check the accessibility and/or blocking of sites and services.

Measurement Coverage

The graph below provides an overview of OONI Probe measurement coverage. It shows how many results have been collected from each OONI Probe test category, as well as how many networks have been covered by tests.

By looking at this graph, you can understand if there is enough data to draw meaningful conclusions. If there is not enough data and you are in the country in question, install OONI Probe, run tests, and contribute data!

Instant Messaging
Research Reports
We haven't published a research report based on OONI data from this country yet. We encourage you to use OONI data for your research!

Check whether websites have been blocked.

Testing methodology: OONI's Web Connectivity test, designed to measure the DNS, HTTP, and TCP/IP blocking of websites.

Tested websites: Citizen Lab test lists

If you'd like to see results on the testing of different websites, please contribute to test lists or test the sites of your choice via the OONI Probe mobile app.

Please note that unless a block page is served, some anomalous measurements may contain false positives. We therefore encourage you to examine anomalous measurements in depth and over time.

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Check whether instant messaging apps and circumvention tools are blocked.

The following results were collected through the use of OONI Probe tests designed to measure the blocking of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram.

We also share results on the testing of circumvention tools, like Tor.

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Check the speed and performance of networks.

The following results were collected through the use of OONI Probe's performance and middlebox tests. You can check the speed and performance of tested networks, as well as video streaming performance.

You can also learn whether middleboxes were detected in tested networks. Middleboxes are network appliances that can be used for a variety of networking purposes (such as caching), but sometimes they're used to implement internet censorship and/or surveillance.