Nepal blocked TikTok


November 24, 2023 - November 29, 2023
published by Maria Xynou on December 4, 2023
Network(s): AS17501, AS38565

In mid-November 2023, Nepal’s government reportedly banned TikTok, citing concerns over the app’s disruptive impact on social harmony and family structures. Very few OONI measurements from the testing of TikTok in Nepal have been collected over the last month. But from the few OONI measurements available, we see clear evidence of TikTok blocking.


Chart: OONI Probe testing of in Nepal between 5th November 2023 to 4th December 2023 (source: OONI MAT).

Between 24th to 29th November 2023, the TikTok website ( was tested 3 times in Nepal on 2 networks (AS38565 and AS17501), showing signs of DNS based tampering in all cases. The OONI measurement from Ncell (AS38565) shows that the IP is returned as part of DNS resolution, which hosts a block page (including an injected ad). Meanwhile, an OONI measurement from WorldLink Communications (AS17501) shows that the private IP is returned as part of DNS resolution. Both cases clearly show intentional DNS-based blocking of

Similarly, OONI data shows that the testing of multiple TikTok endpoints (required for TikTok app functionality) presented anomalies during the same dates, and that those anomalous measurements also provide evidence of DNS based blocking. Specifically, measurements from the testing of TikTok endpoints (such as and show that the IP (currently hosting a block page) and the private IP were returned as part of DNS resolution.

Overall, even though very few measurements have been collected from the testing of TikTok in Nepal, the few measurements that are available provide clear signs of DNS based blocking because:

  • On Ncell (AS38565), DNS resolution returns the IP which (currently) hosts a block page;
  • On WorldLink Communications (AS17501), DNS resolution returns the private IP;
  • We observe the above for the TikTok website ( and multiple TikTok endpoints during the same dates (particularly on 29th November 2023 when there was a spike in testing).

It remains unclear to us if TikTok remains blocked in Nepal because TikTok has barely been tested in recent days. While the most recent measurements (from 3rd December 2023) are annotated as “OK”, it’s worth noting that those were contributed by OONI Probe users using Google DNS, thereby (potentially) circumventing the TikTok block.

If you are in Nepal, you can contribute more measurements by running OONI Probe.