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<p class="no-display">GNU is the only operating system developed
specifically to give its users freedom.  What is GNU, and what freedom
is at stake?</p>

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<div style="max-width: 40em; margin: 2.3em auto 0">
<video width="100%" controls="controls" crossorigin="anonymous"

<source src="https://static.gnu.org/nosvn/videos/fight-to-repair/videos/Fight-to-Repair-720p.webm" type="video/webm" />
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<track kind="subtitles" label="English" srclang="en" src="https://static.gnu.org/nosvn/videos/fight-to-repair/captions/fight-to-repair_en.vtt" default="default" />
<track kind="subtitles" label="Spanish" srclang="es" src="https://static.fsf.org/nosvn/videos/fight-to-repair/captions/fight-to-repair_es.vtt" />
<track kind="subtitles" label="Persian" srclang="fa" src="https://static.gnu.org/nosvn/videos/fight-to-repair/captions/fight-to-repair_fa.vtt" />
<track kind="subtitles" label="French" srclang="fr" src="https://static.gnu.org/nosvn/videos/fight-to-repair/captions/fight-to-repair_fr.vtt" />
<track kind="subtitles" label="Italian" srclang="it" src="https://static.fsf.org/nosvn/videos/fight-to-repair/captions/fight-to-repair_it.vtt" />
<track kind="subtitles" label="Dutch" srclang="nl" src="https://static.fsf.org/nosvn/videos/fight-to-repair/captions/fight-to-repair_nl.vtt" />
<track kind="subtitles" label="Brazilian" srclang="pt-br" src="/server/banners/fight-to-repair_pt-br.vtt" />

<p class="c">
<a href="https://www.fsf.org/blogs/community/watch-fight-to-repair-demand-the-right-to-repair">
Fight to Repair: A video from the FSF</a></p>

<h2 class="first">What is GNU?</h2>

<p>GNU is an operating system that
is <a href="/philosophy/free-sw.html">free software</a>&mdash;that is,
it respects users' freedom.  The GNU operating system consists of GNU
packages (programs specifically released by the GNU Project) as well
as free software released by third parties.  The development of GNU
made it possible to use a computer without software that would trample
your freedom.</p>

<p>We recommend <a href="/distros/free-distros.html">installable
versions of GNU</a> (more precisely, GNU/Linux distributions) which
are entirely free software.  <a href="#More-GNU">More about GNU

<div class="btn-left">
  <a href="/distros/free-distros.html">Try GNU/Linux</a></div>
<div style="clear:both"></div>

<div id="gnu-linux" role="figure">
<div class="screenshot">

 <a href="https://trisquel.info/files/screenshots/etiona-media.jpg"><img
   width="512" height="320"
   alt="&nbsp;[Screenshot of Trisquel&nbsp;9 with MATE desktop]&nbsp;" /></a>
<p><small><a href="https://trisquel.info">Trisquel&nbsp;9</a> with <a
href="https://mate-desktop.org/">MATE</a> desktop, and VLC media


<div class="thumbs">
  <a href="/home.html?distro=dragora#gnu-linux"><img
   width="128" height="72"
   alt="&nbsp;[Screenshot of Dragora&nbsp;3.0-beta1 with IceWM window manager]&nbsp;" /></a>
  <p><small>Dragora / IceWM</small></p>

  <a href="/home.html?distro=guix#gnu-linux"><img
   width="128" height="72"
   alt="&nbsp;[Screenshot of Guix&nbsp;0.15 with GNOME&nbsp;3 desktop]&nbsp;" /></a>
  <p><small>Guix / GNOME3</small></p>

  <a href="/home.html?distro=hyperbola#gnu-linux"><img
   width="128" height="72"
   alt="&nbsp;[Screenshot of Hyperbola&nbsp;0.3 with i3 window manager]&nbsp;" /></a>
  <p><small>Hyperbola / i3</small></p>

  <a href="/home.html?distro=parabola#gnu-linux"><img
   width="128" height="72"
   alt="&nbsp;[Screenshot of Parabola&nbsp;2020 with LXDE desktop]&nbsp;" /></a>
  <p><small>Parabola / LXDE</small></p>

  <a href="/home.html?distro=pureos#gnu-linux"><img
   width="128" height="72"
   alt="&nbsp;[Screenshot of PureOS&nbsp;8 with GNOME&nbsp;3 desktop]&nbsp;" /></a>
  <p><small>PureOS / GNOME3</small></p>

  <a href="/home.html?distro=trisquel#gnu-linux"><img
   width="128" height="72"
   alt="&nbsp;[Screenshot of Trisquel&nbsp;9 with MATE desktop]&nbsp;" /></a>
  <p><small>Trisquel / MATE</small></p>

<div class="btn-right">... or <a
Try parts of GNU</a></div>
<div style="clear:both"></div>

<h2>What is the Free Software Movement?</h2>

<p>The free software movement campaigns to win for the users of
computing the freedom that comes from free software.  Free software
puts its users in control of their own computing.  Nonfree software
puts its users under the power of the software's developer.  See
<a href="https://www.fsf.org/blogs/rms/20140407-geneva-tedx-talk-free-software-free-society">
the video explanation</a>.</p>

<h2>What is Free Software?</h2>

<p><strong>Free software means the users have the freedom to run,
copy, distribute, study, change and improve the software.</strong></p>

<p>Free software is a matter of liberty, not price.  To understand the
concept, you should think of &ldquo;free&rdquo; as in &ldquo;free
speech&rdquo;, not as in &ldquo;free beer&rdquo;.</p>

<p>More precisely, free software means users of a program have
the <a href="/philosophy/free-sw.html">four essential

<li>The freedom to run the program as you wish,
    for any purpose (freedom 0).</li>
<li>The freedom to study how the program works, and change it so it
    does your computing as you wish (freedom 1). Access to the source
    code is a precondition for this.</li>
<li>The freedom to redistribute copies so you can help others
    (freedom 2).</li>
<li>The freedom to distribute copies of your modified versions
    to others (freedom 3).  By doing this you can give the whole
    community a chance to benefit from your changes.
    Access to the source code is a precondition for this.</li>

<p>Developments in technology and network use have made these freedoms
<a href="/philosophy/free-software-even-more-important.html">even more
important now</a> than they were in 1983.</p>

<p>Nowadays the free software movement goes far beyond developing the
GNU system.  See <a href="https://fsf.org">the Free Software
Foundation's web site</a> for more about what we do, and a list
of <a href="/help">ways you can help</a>.</p>

<h2>More about GNU</h2>

<p><a id="More-GNU">GNU</a> is a Unix-like operating system.  That
means it is a collection of many programs: applications, libraries,
developer tools, even games.  The development of GNU, started in
January 1984, is known as the GNU Project.  Many of the programs in
GNU are released under the auspices of the GNU Project; those we
call <a href="/software/">GNU packages</a>.</p>

<p>The name &ldquo;GNU&rdquo; is a recursive acronym for &ldquo;GNU's
Unix.&rdquo; <a href="/pronunciation/pronunciation.html">&ldquo;GNU&rdquo;
is pronounced <em>g'noo</em></a>, as one syllable, like saying
&ldquo;grew&rdquo; but replacing the <em>r</em> with <em>n</em>.</p>

<p>The program in a Unix-like system that allocates machine resources
and talks to the hardware is called the &ldquo;kernel&rdquo;.  GNU is
typically used with a kernel called Linux.  This combination is
the <a href="/gnu/linux-and-gnu.html"><strong>GNU/Linux operating
system</strong></a>.  GNU/Linux is used by millions, though
many <a href="/gnu/gnu-linux-faq.html">call it &ldquo;Linux&rdquo; by

<p>GNU's own kernel, <a href="/software/hurd/hurd.html">The Hurd</a>,
was started in 1990 (before Linux was started).  Volunteers continue
developing the Hurd because it is an interesting technical

<p class="button right-align"><a href="/gnu/gnu.html">More information</a></p>
</div><!-- /first-column -->

<div class="second-column" role="complementary">

<div id="schools" class="emph-box color1">
<p><strong>UK universities find that <a href="https://www.theguardian.com/education/2021/jul/13/covid-has-been-a-big-catalyst-universities-plan-for-post-pandemic-life">many students are fed up with virtual courses
and want to attend class physically</a>. Others feel the opposite.</strong></p>

<p>If you are a student, or have been admitted, and you are disgusted
with being forced to use nonfree software for school, now is your
chance to make a difference &mdash; tell the university you don't want to
do that. Be civil to the staff, but show how strongly you feel this.</p>

<div id="irc" class="emph-box color2">
<p><strong>GNU and FSF move official IRC channels to Libera.Chat
network.  Read the full
<a href="https://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/info-gnu/2021-06/msg00005.html">announcement</a></strong>
and the follow-up
<strong><a href="https://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/info-gnu/2021-06/msg00007.html">update</a></strong>.</p>

<div id="petition" class="emph-box color1">
<p>The GNU Project supports the Free Software Foundation's 
petition to call on school administrators around the world to stop 
requiring students to run nonfree software. <a
href="https://my.fsf.org/give-students-userfreedom">Sign the petition
for freedom in the classroom</a>.</p>

<div id="kind-comm" class="emph-box color2">
<p>The GNU Project strongly urges the community to communicate in 
ways that are friendly, welcoming and kind. See the 
<a href="/philosophy/kind-communication.html">
GNU Kind Communications Guidelines</a>.</p>

<div id="Flashes" class="emph-box color1">
<h3><a href="https://planet.gnu.org/">Planet GNU</a>
<a href="https://planet.gnu.org/rss20.xml"><img src="/feed-icon-10x10.png"
alt="RSS Feed" /></a></h3>
<div class="ltr">
<!-- Autogenerated by planetrss.pl 1.21 -->
<p><a href='http://savannah.gnu.org/forum/forum.php?forum_id=10058'>
<span class="gnun-split"></span>GNU nano 5.9 was released<span class="gnun-split"></span></a><span class="gnun-split"></span><!-- TRANSLATORS: 
http://savannah.gnu.org/forum/forum.php?forum_id=10058 -->:
 Version 5.5 brought the option --minibar, for a minimized user interface, and version 5.6 brought the spotlighting of a search match, in black on yellow by default...
<p><a href='http://www.fsf.org/blogs/community/libreplanet-2022-returns-online-submit-your-session-proposal-by-dec-1'>
<span class="gnun-split"></span>LibrePlanet 2022 returns online: Submit your session proposal by Dec. 1<span class="gnun-split"></span></a><span class="gnun-split"></span><!-- TRANSLATORS: 
http://www.fsf.org/blogs/community/libreplanet-2022-returns-online-submit-your-session-proposal-by-dec-1 -->:
 The fourteenth edition of the Free Software Foundation&#39;s (FSF)
conference on technology and social justice will be...
<p><a href='http://www.fsf.org/events/libreplanet-2022-cfs-office-hours'>
<span class="gnun-split"></span>LibrePlanet 2022 CFS office hours<span class="gnun-split"></span></a><span class="gnun-split"></span><!-- TRANSLATORS: 
http://www.fsf.org/events/libreplanet-2022-cfs-office-hours -->:
 Need help getting your session proposal in good shape? We&#39;re holding office hours in #LibrePlanet on Libera.chat every Thursday at 1 PM (EDT/EST).</p>


<div id="Action" class="emph-box color2">
<h3>Take Action</h3>

<li><strong>Support the efforts on net neutrality
<a href="https://www.freepress.net/issues/free-open-internet/net-neutrality" title="Net
neutrality in the United States of America">in the USA</a></strong>,
and in your home country.</li>

<li>Defend <a href="https://www.laquadrature.net/en/personnal-data/">
privacy</a>, and support <a
global copyright reform</a> with <a

<li><strong><a href="http://www.fsf.org/campaigns">Support current FSF

<li>Fight against software patents:
<a href="http://www.endsoftpatents.org">worldwide</a>, and
<a href="/server/takeaction.html#swpat">in Europe</a>.</li>

<p class="back"><a href="/server/takeaction.html">More action items</a></p>

<div id="unmaint" class="emph-box color1">
<p><strong>Can you contribute to any of
these <a href="//www.fsf.org/campaigns/priority-projects/">High
Priority Areas</a>?</strong></p>
  <li>Free phone operating system,</li>
  <li>decentralization, federation and self-hosting,</li>
  <li>free drivers, firmware and hardware designs,</li>
  <li>real-time voice and video chat,</li>
  <li>encourage contribution by people underrepresented in the community,</li>
  <li>and more.</li>

<p><strong>Can you help <a
href="/server/takeaction.html#unmaint">maintain a GNU package</a>?</strong></p>
<li><span class="gnun-split"></span>
  <a href="/software/cfengine/">cfengine</a>,
  <a href="/software/freedink/">freedink</a>,
  <a href="/software/freetalk/">freetalk</a>,
  <a href="/software/halifax/">halifax</a>,
  <a href="/software/mcron/">mcron</a>,
  <a href="/software/quickthreads/">quickthreads</a><span class="gnun-split"></span>,
are all looking for maintainers.</li>

<li>Also, these packages are looking for co-maintainers:
<span class="gnun-split"></span>
  <a href="/software/aspell/">aspell</a>,
  <a href="/software/bison/">bison</a>,
  <a href="/software/gnuae/">gnuae</a>,
  <a href="/software/gnubik/">gnubik</a>,
  <a href="/software/metaexchange/">metaexchange</a>,
  <a href="/software/powerguru/">powerguru</a>,
  <a href="/software/xboard/">xboard</a><span class="gnun-split"></span>.</li>

<p>See the package web pages for more information.</p>

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<p><strong><a href="/software/recent-releases.html">Recent GNU

<p><strong><a href="/manual/blurbs.html">Short descriptions for all GNU

<p style="margin-top: 2em">Today's random package&hellip;</p>
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       alt="logo for taler" />
  <a href="/software/taler/">Taler</a></h4><p>
Taler provides a payment system that makes privacy-friendly online
transactions fast and easy.
<small>(<a href="/manual/manual.html#taler">doc</a>)</small></p>

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