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<title>Instructions for getting around blocking software</title>


<h2>How to install the Circumventor program, which gets around all Web-blocking software</h2>

<i><a href = "mailto:bennett@peacefire.org">Bennett Haselton</a></i>

This page describes how to install the "Circumventor" program, which can be used to get
around all Web blocking programs.

However, <b>Please Note!!</b>  You don't actually install the Circumventor <i>on</i> the computer that
is blocked from accessing Web sites.  You, or a friend of yours, has to install the Circumventor
on some <i>other</i> machine which is not censored.

For example, if you want to get around Web blocking at work, don't install the Circumventor on your
work computer.  Install the Circumventor on your <i>home</i> computer.  When the installer is done,
it will give you the URL for your new Circumventor, and then you write that URL down and take it in
with you to work, where you can use that URL to bypass the Web blocking there.  Similarly, if you're
in China and blocked from accessing certain sites, don't install the Circumventor on a machine in
China; instead, get a friend to install it outside China, and then they can send you the URL that you can
use to access banned sites.

If you want to, please enter your email address below if you would like to receive
updates about the Circumventor software.  This will include
announcements about new versions and improvements.
We will never share your email address with any third party.

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<h3>How to install the Circumventor</h3>

The machine where you install the Circumventor must have a fast Internet connection (not dial-up),
and it must be running Windows XP or 2000 (this includes most computers these days).
Also, once you install the
Circumventor on your machine, the Circumventor <b>will only work as long as you have your machine
turned on and connected to the Internet</b>, so you should only install it on machines that are online
more or less all the time.

<b>NOTE:</b> By installing this software, you will be joining an interconnected Web of Circumventor
machines, so just as you can surf the Web via other people's machines (at sites like
<a href = "http://www.StupidCensorship.com/">StupidCensorship.com</a>), at times other users will
be surfing the Web through your machine.  However, they will not have access to any files or programs
on your machine.

To install:
<!--<li>First, click <a href = "port-testing-applet/test.html" target="appletpage">this link</a>
to open a new window, which will tell you whether or not your machine is able to receive incoming
connections.  (When your browser says "The publisher cannot be determined" and asks if you want to
install the Java applet, say Yes.  In technical terms, the applet opens a "listening" connection on port 1238 on your
computer and then tests whether outside computers are able to connect to it.)  If your
machine is able to receive incoming connections, then proceed.</li>-->
<li>Download ActivePerl from <a href = "http://www.mousematrix.com/ActivePerl-">this link</a>
and install it.  It <b>must</b> be installed to <b>C:\Perl</b> (this should be the default).  Accept all of the default options.
<li>Download OpenSA 2.0.2 beta from <a href = "opensa_2.0.2.msi">this link</a> (FireFox users -- please right-click and pick "Save Link As") and install it.
Accept all of the
default options.  (If you get to a screen titled "Server Information" and it doesn't have values filled
in for "Network Domain", "Server Name" and "Administrator's Email Address", just fill in these boxes with
made-up random values -- the Circumventor doesn't use them.)
<li>Download the <b>circumventor-setup.exe</b> program from
<a href = "circumventor-setup.exe">this link</a> and pick "Save" -- then once you have saved it on
your computer, run the circumventor-setup.exe file that you saved.

If the <b>circumventor-setup.exe</b> program succeeds, it will display an "It's ready!" page at the
end of the install.  If it fails, it will create a file circumventor-setup-log.txt -- send that file
to <a href = "mailto:bennett@peacefire.org">bennett@peacefire.org</a>
and we will try to figure out what went wrong.

Happy surfing!

<h2>Special thanks</h2>

This project was made possible by the existence of the following programs, which are generously
given away for free by their authors:
<li>OpenSA, the Open Server Architecture project,
by Daniel Reichenbach -- the Web server that encrypts communications traffic and forms the
backbone of the Circumventor.
<li><a href = "http://www.jmarshall.com/tools/cgiproxy/">CGIProxy</a> by James Marshall --
the CGI script which fetches blocked Web pages.
<li><a href = "http://www.geocities.com/lc_castro/winnt.htm">Windows NT/2000/XP Utilities</a> by
Luis Carlos Castro Skertchly.
<li><a href = "http://www.perl.com/">Perl</a> by Larry Wall.




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